5 Benefits Of Kayak Fishing

Ah, who doesn’t love a good fishing trip?The thrill of it all!Preparing all of your gear…Being eager to test out that new rod you’ve bought…Hopping onto your boat to be able to be on the water...And the most important factor whenever you go fishing…Getting a big biter on the hook, tussling with that bad boy until you wear him out and bringing him … [Read more...] about 5 Benefits Of Kayak Fishing

Different Types of Fishing Kayaks

When it comes to fishing, there is a myriad of different ways to partake in the activity.Some like to hoof it on foot and fish from the banks/shores, landlubber style.Some like to get in the water themselves and spear their catches, or noodle them.Most like to be in a boat, on the water.And if you're here reading this article, that's a pretty good … [Read more...] about Different Types of Fishing Kayaks