5 Benefits Of Kayak Fishing

Ah, who doesn’t love a good fishing trip?

The thrill of it all!

Preparing all of your gear…

Being eager to test out that new rod you’ve bought…

Hopping onto your boat to be able to be on the water...

And the most important factor whenever you go fishing…

Getting a big biter on the hook, tussling with that bad boy until you wear him out and bringing him to the boat as a trophy!

Yeah, whether you’re a fan of standing on the shore/bank, or trolling along in your motorized boat, there’s always one more option to consider.


No, seriously. Here are a few benefits to choosing one of the best kayaks for your next fishing outing!

1. Kayaking Is A Lot Cheaper Than You Think​​​​

Have you ever heard this nugget of wisdom when it comes to dealing with boats?

“If I could own a boat, or be friends with a boat owner, I’d gain a new best friend that day.”

Humorous, yes, but it definitely holds a bit of weight.

You see, a boat isn’t in the same league of purchases as a quick meal, or a party pack of beers. They’re a big investment.

And when I say big, I mean big.

You’re looking at the base cost of the watercraft, which is going to run you at least a few thousand…

And we haven’t even touched on registration fees, the equipment for the boat, maintenance, insurance, etc.

Meanwhile in kayak land, none of these are a concern for the one who buys a kayak!

Buying a kayak is as simple as:

  • Go to the place with the kayaks
  • Find your target
  • Exchange money for said target
  • Walk away with your brand new kayak, worry free about all of those other costs!

If you’re the fisherman who wants to get out on the water but you’re on a budget, a kayak might just be the girl of your dreams!

2. Have Kayak, Will Travel

I’ve seen it time and time again…

People have this hard-headed tendency to try to get in where they don’t fit in, and the same rings true for fishermen.

Eyes the size of dinner plates, they spot a nice channel nearby with fish that are clearly visible even to the naked eye.

They go over to it, the low hum of the motor providing good background noise…

Then they get stuck because that center console was not made to fit into that little space!

If they had a kayak, they wouldn’t have to worry about needing to launch a boat with expensive equipment or a dock nearby.

You could just slide it into the water, get inside, and go!

3. Convenience Is Key With Kayaks

Just hearing the word fishing makes me think of two things.

One, the smell of fish. Yuck.


Speeding across the surface of the water in a motorized boat!

Feel it now, the wind blowing through your hair, the spray of the water being cut through by the boat, the thrill of it all!

Now the trip is over, you’ve had a good time out on the water, so to wrap things up, you have to:

  • Get your boat out of the water
  • Get it back on land without destroying it
  • Hook it up back to your vehicle
  • Take it back home, inspect it and clean it
  • Make sure that everything is still functioning

Yeah, having a boat is all fun and games, but there’s still a lot of responsibility involved.

Buuuuuut… a kayak doesn’t have all of these requirements.

There’s no need to hitch, unhitch because you could just toss that bad boy onto the top of the automobile and tie it down.

There’s no need to make sure that all the electric parts are in tip top shape, because it’s a kayak. Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

All you’ll need for the most part is a quick rinse after every trip, and everything is copacetic.

4. How To Knock Out Two Birds With One Kayak

Wrestling with the fish you’re trying to catch is always a fun time.

There’s nothing like the burn in your arms after going back and forth with a stubborn little bugger who was determined to fight the good fight at all costs.

Kind of reminds you of that burn, that oh so special burn that you get after an exhilarating session at the gym. The pain means gain, and the soreness means that you’re going to look great come summer time!

Well, when kayak fishing, you’re guaranteed to get a two for one deal.

As it turns out, kayaking is a pretty rewarding and fun activity that comes with great health benefits such as:

  • Weight loss 
  • Lowered stress levels
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Workouts (Lower and Upper Body)
  • Vitamin D

Who knew that you could get all of these just from trying to catch a few bass on the weekend in your canoe?

Maybe you don’t like going to the gym to workout, but you love fishing.

Knock out two birds with one stone and get you a kayak! You’ll have a toned upper body, lower body… hell, you’ll be in amazing shape in no time with daily kayaking!

5. A Stealthy Approach Is The Best Approach

You and your friends and/or family are on the boat, having a merry time!

There are drinks and snacks…

The fish are biting somewhat…

And the area is full of noise. Lots, and lots of noise.

Remember when I said that the fish were biting somewhat? Yeah, they could be biting a lot more, but the noise is keeping them at bay.

You have to remember that sound travels, even through water. You and your buddy telling stories at the top of your lungs isn’t doing you any favors, because the fish can hear you.

Your motor is noisy even if you barely have it on, which isn’t doing you any favors because the fish can hear you.

The cheers once somebody catches a fish?

They feel good and full you up with a sense of accomplishment, but it doesn’t do you any favors because the fish can hear you.

Gee, it sure would be nice to be able to fish in relative silence so you wouldn’t scare away the rest of the potentials…

Enter the kayak. A one-man fit, this already cuts off the excess noise one would expect when he brings a full posse out onto the waters.

It has no motor, so there’s no need to worry and fret over spooking them away with the low hums and vibrations.

All there’s left to do is to sneak, cast, and sit back and laugh (mentally, because laughing out loud would ruin your stealth and do you no favors, because fish can hear you)!

Those are some benefits to kayak fishing for you. If you were on the fence about it, or curious, we hope that this helps you!

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